February 12 - June 11, 2022

This installation transforms Art Enables’ gallery space into a magical forest that is home to an array of unusual organisms. The forest habitat—designed and fabricated by visiting artist Bonner Sale—is filled with lumpy purple trees and colorful vines. Small baskets on the forest floor hint at the work of harvest done by unseen hands. 

Among the trees live distinctive creatures and plants created by Art Enables resident artists. Oversized flowers and snails, a winged kangaroo, a royal toad, foxes, wolves, snakes, monkeys, and birds can be both seen and heard. These cut-out illustrations of forest life are given voice by an ambient audio track made by Art Enables artists collaborating with visiting musician and recording engineer Ben Green. As in any forest, the wind blows, rain falls, and the forest’s many inhabitants speak to each other in a symphony of voices. Perceptive forest visitors may also hear the chiming of magic moving through the trees. . .

Public gallery hours:  Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m & by appointment.

Participating artists:

Flora and fauna cutouts by Maurice BarnesMara ClawsonJacqueline ColemanMichael HaynesPayman Jazini, Charmaine JonesEric Kendrick, Toni LaneKeith LewisRaymond LewisPaul LewisHelen LewisJoel MartinezVanessa MonroeGillian PattersonShawn Payne, Eileen Schofield, Nonja Tillerand Imani Turner

Forest habitat by Bonner Sale with special thanks to Devan Sale, Zac Willis, and Hillary RochonAudio by Ben Green (Ivakota Recording Studio) and Art Enables artists Maurice Barnes, Jay Bird, Jacqueline Coleman, Debora Green, Michael Haynes, Charmaine Jones, Eric Kendrick, Toni Lane, Keith Lewis, Raymond Lewis, Helen Lewis, Joel Martinez, Faith McLuckie, Vanessa Monroe, Shawn Payne, Jamila RahimiChris Schallhorn, Eileen Schofield, Sarah Swan, and Imani Turner

"MAGIC FOREST" hand-drawn title by Raymond Lewis



Play video above to listen to a 1-minute sample of the 11-minute ambient audio track that was part of our "Magic Forest" installation. The audio cycles through morning/daytime, water, rain, wind, and nighttime sounds selected by Art Enables artists in collaboration with visiting musician and recording engineer Ben Green.


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