HOME TEAM: a staff-curated show


January 14 - April 1, 2023



The artwork in "Home Team" was curated by those most intimately familiar with the studio practice of Art Enables resident artists: Art Enables staff. Tony Brunswick, Shreya Basu, Amy Kitchin, Toni Lane, Courtney Smith, and Aimee Wanner work with resident artists every day in the studio, bearing witness to each artist's unique talents, style, and creative development over time. The Art Enables team have a keen view into the inspirations, approach, experimentation, and dedicated work ethic behind work created here. This show pays homage to the passionate interest in the work of the Art Enables artists taken by everyone on the Art Enables "team," who also happen to be some of the their very biggest fans.


Toni Lane, Lightning Buds 2 


"Toni Lane is a master of using ink and charcoal to create rich textures in her work. She is versed in many mediums. A fair bit of her work is either done in black and white or with muted color tones.  When she works in bold color, ther work really jumps off the page and has a different presence than some of her other work. Her art often captures little moments the human experiences that make me walk away feeling somehow more aware of the goings on around me.  I love the bright colors contrasting against the dark sky in Lightening Buds 2.  It reminds me of young love being kindled under the veil of the night sky, or newly rekindled love."


- Aimee Wanner, Program Manager

Eileen Schofield, Children Jumping Rope 


Eileen’s characters always exude joy! The exaggeration of their limbs and the largeness of their heads always brings a smile to my face. Children Jumping Rope captures the nostalgia and childlike wonder of playing outside with friends. The vibrant colors throughout her pieces match the beautiful energy she brings into the studio each day.


- Shreya Basu, Studio Assistant

Jamila Rahimi, Butterfly


Jamila is incredibly focused in her art practice and methodical in her routines at the studio. Her personality is reflected in the bold marks she makes on paper, as in Butterfly. You can find a clear and confident voice in all her pieces.


- Shreya Basu, Studio Assistant


Raymond Lewis, Viking Woman 


"When Raymond starts an artwork it is just a tangled mess of lines to the untrained eye. As it develops and transforms into a beautiful creation, I see his painterly style as a cross between mosaics and stained glass.  Viking Woman reminds me of some of the portrayals of Mother Ireland from my Irish studies class during my undergrad. For me, it is particularly reminiscent of Sir John Lavery's painting Portrait of Lady Lavery as Kathleen Ni Houlihan."


- Aimee Wanner, Program Manager

Max Poznerzon, Head in the Clouds 


"Max is unadulterated Americana. He is known for his depictions of cowboy boots, guitars, and oddly enough, hamburgers. But his piece “Head in the Clouds” is as far as I know his only portrait. How could I not have chosen it?  I love the subtle colors and the beautiful blue background. I love the composition of the bodiless head floating on the paper. But most of all I love that just like Max, it is purely unique."


- Courtney Smith, Development and Communications Manager





Duane Blacksheare-Staton, About the Cat


"I can't get enough of Duane's piece About the Cat. Fun and whimsical, I am totally captivated by the contrast the nighttime scene creates with the pink-nosed, white-haired cat and the colorful elements incorporated in the piece."


- Tony Brunswick, Executive Director