What is a donor-advised fund (DAF)?

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic giving vehicle that provides an immediate tax benefit to you and allows you to grant funds to charities of your choice.

You can create a grant recommendation from your donor-advised fund to support Art Enables.

How do I give through a donor-advised fund?

You can give in two ways:

1. Recommend a DAF through your financial institution or foundation or by granting online. Here are a few popular ones:

2. Call your fund manager
  • Call your fund manager and recommend support Art Enables, along with the amount of the grant.
  • Your fund manager will send a check directly to Art Enables from your fund.*

*Please request for your name and address to be included. We recommend that you contact Art Enables to inform us of your gift, so we can thank you for your generosity.

When granting through a donor-advised fund, please use the following information:


Art Enables

Tax ID 52-2296718


Art Enables

2204 Rhode Island Ave NE

Washington, DC 20018