Wish You Were Here: Let’s Talk a Walk

Posted on: Mar 30

We’re pleased to present the “Wish You Were Here” series of mini online exhibitions. In lieu of being with us at our studio and gallery during our closure, we’re bringing more Art Enables to you at home. Each themed collection features work by three of Art Enables talented resident artists, and 100% of sale proceeds from this affordably-priced work will go directly to our artists during this closure.


Let’s Go for a Walk

Many of us are currently stuck at home and could use a breath of fresh air, so let’s take a walk with Charles Meissner, Vanessa Monroe, and Eileen Schofield. Together, the works of these artists invite you to wander city and suburban streets and stroll through the forest, passing birds, trees, flowers, and one “raccoon dog” you may not have been expecting.

Charles has a prodigious memory and an uncanny ability to tell his stories and life experiences through his artwork. His impressive eye for perspective and composition is evident in his finely-detailed cityscapes and his expansive landscapes, including the characters that often inhabit them. See more of his work here

Vanessa’s laughter and positivity permeate every corner of the studio. Her work is expressive, meticulously detailed, and rich with imagery from traditions and cultures from around the world. See more of her work here.

Eileen is able to achieve a level of density and color saturation with markers—her medium of choice—that few people can match. She creates vibrant, bold, and expressive work that is distinct and unique, often incorporating characters and figures that give her work personality and spunk. See more of her work here.

Enjoy “Let’s Go for a Walk” here.