Wish You Were Here: Soft Edges

Posted on: Apr 20

We’re pleased to present the “Wish You Were Here” series of mini online exhibitions. In lieu of being with us at our studio and gallery during our closure, we’re bringing more Art Enables to you at home. Each themed collection features work by three of Art Enables talented resident artists, and 100% of sale proceeds from this affordably-priced work will go directly to our artists during this closure.

Soft Edges

We could all use a little softness right now, and Calvin “Sonny” Clarke, Gary Murrell, and Dennis Quillin are here to deliver. While each artist has their distinct style, together, their work creates an atmosphere in which sharp angles submit to swirling, amorphous volumes of color, gently-rendered, fuzzy shapes, and repeating circles enveloping subtly human forms.

Sonny comes across as the quintessential strong, silent type but when you see his smile, you realize he is incredibly warm, welcoming, and playful. In his art, he can surprise in all the same ways. He creates his own shapes and forms and he has a distinct mix of design and use of color. See more of his work here.

Gary is a man of few words and possesses a calm and gentle presence. Heavily layered, his pieces – and the people in them – are simultaneously complex and simple. His minimalistic style of detailing people and faces evoke a depth of expression and emotion that is immediate and powerful. See more of his work here.

radiates with positivity and confidence. He may have a quiet presence, but his work communicates volumes. With fine precise strokes of his colored pencil, the objects featured in his work come to life in a smooth and concise way. Dennis often draws inspiration from objects and landscapes. See more of his work here.

Enjoy “Soft Edges” here.