Wish You Were Here: I Had The Strangest Dream

Posted on: Apr 27

We’re pleased to present the “Wish You Were Here” series of mini online exhibitions. In lieu of being with us at our studio and gallery during our closure, we’re bringing more Art Enables to you at home. Each themed collection features work by three of Art Enables talented resident artists, and 100% of sale proceeds from this affordably-priced work will go directly to our artists during this closure.

I Had The Strangest Dream

The three artists in this exhibition—Gen Gaines, Toni Lane, and Nonja Tiller—frequently forgo realistic representation in favor of illustrating the immaterial—imagined worlds and internal states. A host of other-worldly characters crowd Nonja’s work in vivid color, while Toni’s elegant figures capture feelings of disconnect and layered internal dialogue. Gen’s paintings offer views of the sea, fog, and fire – the sites of surreal, unfolding narratives. The results are strange, beautiful, and sometimes unsettling, much like the universal qualities of our dreams.

Gen is an extremely talented artist who has joined our fellowship program. She describes her art as being mostly edgy, occasionally spiritual, often colorful, and very eclectic. Her subject matter can range from cityscapes to dreamscapes. She is a multimedia artist who is interested in creating art—sometimes representational and sometimes abstract—that garners a visceral response. See more of her work here.

Toni says that her art focuses on social realties—the common and uncommon joys and struggles of everyday life. Toni utilizes a multitude of mediums and materials to bring each piece and each story into its “fullness and truth.” She creates her artwork from both her imagination and lived experiences. See more of her work here.

Nonja brings her intricate creations to life through her character and narrative-driven artwork. Nonja’s work often tells multiple stories at once. The absurdity of the human condition, whimsy of the animal kingdom, and the dangers of society are all targets for her keen sense of humor and detail. There are often surprises in the least likely places. See more of her work here.

Enjoy “I Had The Strangest Dream” here.