Wish You Were Here: Foot Traffic

Posted on: May 11

We’re pleased to present the “Wish You Were Here” series of mini online exhibitions. In lieu of being with us at our studio and gallery during our closure, we’re bringing more Art Enables to you at home. Each themed collection features work by three of Art Enables talented resident artists, and 100% of sale proceeds from this affordably-priced work will go directly to our artists during this closure.

Foot Traffic

The streets outside may be quieter than normal, but the traffic is heavy in this week’s online exhibition, “Foot Traffic.” Shawn Payne‘s high heeled shoe designs are on the move in style with Max Poznerzon‘s cowboy boots, amid Michael Haynes‘ cut-out illustrations of cars, trucks, and buses. The works shown here represent some of each artist’s most signature subject matter, but don’t miss the few portraits mixed in, too, or the chance to explore the range of each artist’s work in full on their respective artist pages.

Michael is a free and enthusiastic spirit and a life-long Washingtonian. His work frequently focuses on his love of all transportation modes, which is reflected in his unusual but creative layered collage technique. See more of his work here.

Shawn may be a quiet person by nature but he certainly enjoys making a fashion statement, which is evident in his propensity for creating designer shoes in his artwork. Often employing mixed media (including gems, jewels, and glitter!), Shawn places his shoes everywhere: on people, on metro platforms, in space, even growing from trees. His dream is that one day people will be wearing his creations in addition to enjoying them in his work. See more of his work here.

Max likes to think of himself as an outlaw, cowboy, and rock-and-roller, but his wry smile and playful spirit give way to his good-natured, gentle soul. He loves depicting joyous beach and nature scenes as much as he does motorcycles, electric guitars, and cowboy boots. Max takes his artwork seriously and carefully considers detail and story. See more of his work here.

Enjoy “Foot Traffic” here.