Wish You Were Here: Cabin Fever

Posted on: Jun 08

We’re pleased to present the “Wish You Were Here” series of mini online exhibitions. In lieu of being with us at our studio and gallery during our closure, we’re bringing more Art Enables to you at home. Each themed collection features work by three of Art Enables talented resident artists, and 100% of sale proceeds from this affordably-priced work will go directly to our artists during this closure.

Cabin Fever

This grouping references the trappings of extended domestic confinement. Household interiors and exteriors set the scene for works depicting both isolation and crowding. Themes of idleness alternate with those of restlessness and anxiety. Only one figure here seems plainly free from captivity: Nonja Tiller‘s “Rolly Polly Runner,” who – in this context – seems to be escaping with a release of pent-up energy. In addition to Nonja, “Cabin Fever” includes works by Eric Atkinson, Maurice Barnes, Duane Blacksheare-Staton, Jay Bird, Mara Clawson, Robert Corcoran, Debora Green, Michael Knox, Toni Lane, Helen Lewis, Paul Lewis, Marrimarra, Charles Meissner, Gary Murrell, Max Poznerzon, Dennis Quillin, and Michael Schaff. View more of each artist’s work via their artist page.

Enjoy “Cabin Fever” here.