Two New Exhibits Open May 12th; Free Reception 4 – 6pm!

Posted on: Apr 18

Empath – Ahmad Zaghal, Guitar – Gary Murrell, Toucan Tropical Bird – Jackie Coleman







Art Enables presents two new exhibitions opening on May 12th, 2018:

Going Global: Art Enables resident artists explore different cultures and traditions in Going Global. This show features 30+ works highlighting exotic animals, famous landmarks, and cultural traditions from around the world, creating a vibrant and diverse exhibition that promises to inspire the “travel bug” in all of us. Iconic monuments are captured in work like Robert Corcoran’s peaceful sunset over Egypt in Pyramids in the Desert or Raymond Lewis’ highly detailed rendition of Versailles in The King’s Palace. Others focus on the fashion from other countries, including Nonja Tiller’s African Tribes and Paul Lewis’ Mujer Hermosa. Still others highlight the diverse wildlife from around the world with animals like toucans, kangaroos, pandas, and lions appearing in many artists’ work.

Enjoy a brief escape from D.C. in this exciting group exhibition that will take you around the world in a quick stroll through the gallery.

DC Rocks: Blind photographer Ahmad Zaghal takes his concert-based photography from online to a gallery setting for the first time, exhibiting his photographs alongside select Art Enables artists’ music-themed work in DC Rocks.

Zaghal is a blind photographer that has been attending concerts in the DC area and elsewhere for the last fifteen years. In 2013, he started using his camera phone to document these shows and share them online. What began as a joke with a friend evolved into a highly celebrated Instagram account, interviews with BBC and the Washington Post, and an artist talk at the Philips Collection. This work now culminates in Zaghal’s first gallery exhibit this May and June at the Off-Rhode Gallery. While at concerts and shows, Zaghal captures musicians at the peaks of their performances and aims his camera based on the music coming from the stage. The results are wild, energetic, and unedited shots of artistic expression, captured by tracking sound.


Art Enables artists Jackie Coleman, Egbert “Clem” Evans, Payman Jazini, Gary Murrell, Max Poznerzon, Imani Turner, and Eileen Schofield exhibit music-themed work alongside of Zaghal’s photographs.


Guests can meet the artists at the Opening Reception on May 12th, 4 – 6pm. Free and open to the public, with light refreshments provided and music curated by Ahmad Zaghal.



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