Shining A Light On Our Artists!

"Art Enables is the place to be, man!" - Eric Atkinson, Resident Artist

Art Enables is excited to present Spark3 an evening celebrating the talent and creativity of our resident artists.

It is the support of our community that has fueled our fire and allowed us to shine a light on new artists, transform our studio gallery, and connect with art lovers across the city. We hope you will join us as we celebrate this exciting anniversary and light the spark of many more successful years to come.

The party begins at 6:30 p.m. with cocktails, program, buffet dinner, and silent auction.

All proceeds support Art Enables’ mission to create opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market and earn income from their original and compelling artwork.

Saturday, October 19, 2019 ✷
6:30–10:00pm ✷
Tickets: $100 ✷
Art Enables Studio and Gallery ✷
2204 Rhode Island Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20018

✷ Parking: Street parking is limited. We encourage
folks to come by metro or taxi.
✷ Coat-check available
✷ Attire: Creative Cocktail


Tickets will be available at the door starting at 6 p.m. tonight.

Not able to attend? There are many ways to celebrate & support our work:

Spark Success! Your purchase of art directly provides artists with a sense of professional accomplishment, income, and incentive to continue creating. Purchase art through our galleries, exhibitions, and online. Shop here.

Spark Impact! Your gift gives the organization the ability to sustain and expand our program to serve artists with studio space, marketing, and materials. Help us meet our goals for a bright future with your gift today. Donate here.

Spark Creativity! Join us on the Second Saturday of any month for our 2nd Saturday Workshop series or for one of our many onsite or offsite exhibitions featuring Art Enables artists. These events are free to attend and all ages are welcome. Learn more here.

Event Host Committee

Event Co-Chairs
Tony Brunswick*, Executive Director
Laura Starr*
Stephen Strasser*

Sondra Arkin, Matt Boyle*, Debra & Steven Cushner*, Natalie Daratony, Rachel Dickerson, Sika Dunyoh, Rose Essiem, Jeanne Fitzpatrick & Bob Minnich, George Hemphill, Shannon Hiskey, Tyler Kalogeros-Treschuk*, Carol & Bill McGrath, Rumbi Mufuka*, Thomas Netznik*, Jason Ornstein & Emily Price, Shawn Payne, Alan & Bonnie Rich, Maegan Scott*, Gary Seiden, Frank Surprenant, Zoe Thomas*, Alison Whyte* & Aditi Dussault, Haley Wasserman*

*Board of Directors

Thank you to our Spark3 sponsors!


If you are interested in sponsoring Spark3 please contact Art Enables at 202-554-9455.