“Home/Away from Home” Exhibition

Posted on: Sep 22


Art Enables is pleased to present "Home/Away from Home" - an exhibition of drawings and paintings made at home by our resident artists. Like many others, our artists found themselves suddenly shifting to remote work in 2020. They have been physically at home more than ever, while simultaneously further away from the "home"—the comfort, stability, inspiration, and additional support—they typically find among their wider communities, including Art Enables.

The works found here reflect this shift and the broader experience of 2020 in multiple ways. Familiar subjects of natural beauty and daily life share space with concerns of COVID-19—social distancing, anxiety, and isolation. Works championing the Black Lives Matter movement include portraits of George Floyd, Martin Luther King Jr., and other icons of Black history. Refined drawings are presented alongside those with a rougher, more immediate feel: sketches and artistic exercises made with materials on hand at the moment. All works evidence a group of dedicated artists who continue to create during a time that has brought us closer and further away from the things that previously shaped and centered our lives.

This exhibition can be viewed in person at Art Enables and online, with installation views and quotes from some of our artists about their work.

"Home/Away from Home" includes work by Maurice Barnes, Jay Bird, Mara Clawson, Jacqueline Coleman, Robert Corcoran, Egbert "Clem" Evans, Debora Green, Michael Haynes, Payman Jazini, Michael Knox, Toni Lane, Paul Lewis, Raymond Lewis, Helen Lewis, Charles Meissner, Vanessa Monroe, Gillian Patterson, Shawn Payne, Max Poznerzon, Eileen Schofield, Sarah Swan, Nonja Tiller, and Imani Turner.

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