Free Reception: Perspectives & Studio Spotlight: Storytellers

Posted on: Jan 22


Image of Quail by artist Jackie Coleman, and artwork by Violet Lucas titled Sheila and Gerald on a Second Honeymoon.

Free reception: February 9 | 4-6 p.m.
Art Enables Studio & Gallery
Complimentary wine and light refreshments.

About the Exhibitions
Art Enables Studio and Gallery is bringing in the New Year with “PERSPECTIVES” and “Studio Spotlight: Storytellers”—a selection of strong and memorable work highlighting the talents and unique styles of the resident artists of Art Enables. In “PERSPECTIVES” enjoy many works that feature unique physical perspectives, such as Gen Gaines’ “A Summer Stroll on RIA” or Raymond Lewis’ “On the Valley Floor” featuring a dizzying bird’s eye view of Zion Canyon, the rocks and valley floor rippling with lines and colors.

In “Studio Spotlight: Storytellers” Art Enables is proud to present three resident artists with strong storytelling skills. Maurice Barnes, Violet Lucas, and Michael Schaff all create work featuring characters and scenes—some real and some fictional—that have an intrinsic way of pulling the viewer in. Snapshots of worlds, illustrative techniques, and assumed dialogues make each piece a puzzle, leaving the viewer to create their own stories around each work.