Cordially Invited at Make Studio

Oct 04 - Oct 31

Art Enables is excited to participate in Make Studio's second annual "Cordially Invited" exhibit -- an invitational exhibition and showcase of artists working at progressive art centers around the U.S. and the globe! (And this year's celebration is particularly special for Make Studio, as part of the extended celebration of their upcoming 10th anniversary!) This show will include a central exhibition in their gallery, a satellite of smaller "pop-up" art displays in partnering venues all around Baltimore, and a digital exhibition.

Make Studio, a unique program in Baltimore and Maryland as a whole is one of just several dozen "progressive art studios" (also known as "art centers for persons with disabilities") in operation in the world. In contrast to other programs serving people with disabilities, and other arts programs, "the progressive art studio strives to empower one to become productive using the working practices that are intuitive to them already - an acceptance model, rather than an assimilation model" (Tim Ortiz and Andreana Donahue, 2014-2018). The art produced in progressive art studios is often exciting and thought-provoking because it's unexpected, and invites the art-loving public to better appreciate our neuro-diverse world. Stay tuned for more information!

Featured Artwork