Jul 13 - Aug 23

Art Enables is proud to present “LINEWORK”—a show featuring local artists Anthony Bremer, Christian McCarroll, and Benjamin Ross, all of whom are known for their strong use of lines in their work.

For D.C.-based, and self-taught artist, Anthony Bremer, perception is rooted as much in speculation as it is in the environment. At the core of Bremer’s work is a recognition of the vibrancy found in quotidian scenes and objects. His drawings strive not only to reveal that energy and meaning but to help viewers recognize these ephemeral moments in their own everyday lives.

Christian McCarroll has been a client at Arundel Lodge in Maryland for 18 years. He has always been interested in art and feels it gives him a chance to explore and express through a visual medium, “the world,” which he “feels and sees.”

Benjamin Ross is a skateboarder and painting artist from Frederick, Maryland. He primarily uses acrylic paint marker to create on canvas and is influenced by abstract art, graffiti art, personal drawings, video games, and cartoons/anime. Some of his work is known for heavy line details, while other works are completely random based on inspirations and a belief in improvisational creativity.

These artists bring their breadth and experience to Art Enables in “LINEWORK”—showcasing their line-heavy styles that rely on repetitive strokes to add structure to dynamic oftentimes surrealist scenes.

Featured Artwork