May 11 - Jun 28

Experience the frustration, challenges, and joys of a limited color palette show in “LIMITATION / LIBERATION.” Having constraints or restrictions can often time boost creativity, forcing ingenuity and creative thought to work within the parameters. This exhibition, featuring work from 25 D.C. local artists, explores the idea that in limitation, there can be freedom. Artists were challenged to create artwork with either a majority cool or warm palette. Some pieces are bright and colorful, while others remain stark and muted, with a few artists opting to work in only black and white. Exhibiting artists include Zoe Balderson, Carol Blum, Adam Bradley, Sloane Bramhall, Marshall Carolus, Jane Clifford, Joanne Dvorsky, Diane English, Harriet Gossett, A.B. Griffin, Kirsten Hudson, Seth Jackson, Colin Lacey, Brooke Lacock, Peter Lewis, Leah Loebner, Linda Lowery, Thom Lowther, Kaly McKibben, Dulce Moreno, Leah Schaperow, Britnie Walston, Robb Williams, Andrew Wohl, and Dontavious Woody.

Opening Reception: May 22, 6-8 p.m.

Featured Artwork