Perspectives from the Sidewalk

Oct 29 - Dec 21


In honor of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (November 10-18, 2018), a group of homeless and formerly homeless artists affiliated with Street Sense Media, and Art Enables resident artist Toni Lane, will exhibit their work in “Perspectives from the Sidewalk.” Highlighting the ways in which creative expression can empower change, the exhibition will feature photography, illustration, audio, and writing created by people impacted by homelessness. Art Enables resident artist, art educator, author, and activist Toni Lane will showcase her work alongside Street Sense Media's artists. Lane has been observing, collecting, and creating art surrounding the issues of homelessness for decades but this exhibition will be the first retrospective of her body of work. Heavily influenced by interviews, research, and observations made during her time living in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., Lane feels driven to document "what is happening in America at this time and place in history."  Guests can meet the artists at the FREE Opening Reception on November 10th, 4 - 6 p.m. Wine and light refreshments provided. 


Toni Lane is a writer, photographer, humanitarian, and all around creative who has dedicated her life to art and activism. She has won multiple awards for her work with young and adolescent children, both as an art teacher and community support provider. She has lived in San Francisco where she founded the Ethnic Trip Cultural Art Collection gallery, and in Marseilles, France. Having seen and documented the violence in black communities first hand as a professional photographer and videographer, Lane is continuing her lifelong pursuit to improve the lives of young people and combat violence with her novel released this year, “Ghetto Girls Rule in Marseilles.” She now lives in her hometown of Washington D.C., where she works as a studio assistant at Art Enables. You can find her work at


Street Sense Media creates content in print, film, theater, photography, audio, illustration and more, all for the purpose of providing economic opportunity for and elevating the voices of people experiencing homelessness. Street Sense published its first issue in November 2003 with a print run of 5,000 copies. The newspaper has published consistently on a monthly and now biweekly basis and remains the flagship channel of their expanding media center.



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