Studio Spotlight Series

Apr 08 - Jun 03

Location: The Off-Rhode Gallery @ Art Enables

The Art Enables Studio Spotlight Series is dedicated to providing small group exhibition opportunities for Art-Enables’ artists.  Usually 2-3 exhibiting artists per show, the Studio Spotlight Series provides an invaluable professional development opportunity for our member artists.  Not only are they provided the opportunity to exhibit their work in a small group format, they are also involved in the full exhibition experience, from curation to promotion to installation.  The Studio Spotlight Series seeks to create both exposure and exhibition experiences that are invaluable for established and emerging artists alike.  It is our passion, and our honor, to highlight their exceptional talent and work ethic through the Studio Spotlight Series.

The Studio Spotlight Series celebrates the work of three Art Enables resident artists including shoe and fashion fanatic, Shawn Payne, jovial and light-hearted Payman Jazini, and truck and bus expert, Michael Haynes. Don't miss your chance to see this powerful and fun small-group show.  


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