Apr 08 - Jun 03

Location:  The Studio Gallery @ Art Enables

Inspired by the changing seasons, Art Enables artists have created work in this new group show that is bright and springing with light, color, and life.

It's hard not to be influenced by the weather shifting from bleak winter to invigorating spring. With the changing seasons comes new smells, new sights, and the promise of new adventures. Art Enables resident artists delight in this change and their work reflects their excitement. Charmaine Jones' "Bouquet of Roses" is an abstract, geometric interpretation of a still life. Her curling, whimsical flowers seem to thrive and bloom in this environment, sprouting from not only the vase but the ground as well. There's a visible sense of peace in Jackie Coleman's "Cherry Blossom" as a geisha stops to admire white cherry blossoms on a quiet bridge. Meanwhile, Michael Schaff's "A Fish" vibrates with bright colors, chaotic energy and quick movements.

Calm or energetic, figurative or abstract, the vibrant work featured in IN BLOOM is guaranteed to lift your spirits and melt those winter blues. 

Featured Artwork