The Time Machine

Nov 03 - Dec 20

"It's against reason," said Filby.

"What reason?" said the Time Traveller."

― H.G. Wells, The Time Machine


2020 has caused many to experience a distorted sense of the passage of time. Days blend together and drag on, while suddenly we find months have passed in the blink of an eye. Events we perceive on a personal, national, or global level can feel like they happened both ages ago and just last week. The drawings and paintings in "The Time Machine" span this range, each touching on the concept of time. Some reference the future: space travel, strange aliens, and fantastical cityscapes. Many call on the past: Egyptian mummies, medieval castles, familiar objects from the era of disco, and a stage set for the Beatles. Other pieces work more abstractly, with fractured, colorful geometries that conjure sci-fi technology and metaphysical mysteries. We invite you to join us on this fluid temporal journey depicted by our resident artists as we mark the final months of a strange and shifting year.

Featured Artwork