Nov 03 - Dec 20

“AMPLIFY” presents a selection of works by painter Corinne Davidov (1933 – 2014), who was a DC-based artist and an original member of Foundry Studios. Her large-scale paintings capture powerful plays of color, texture, and motion, evoking the era of the Washington Color School, a vital chapter of the city’s artistic history.

Born in Chicago Illinois, Davidov moved to Washington, DC as a teenager. In the 1960’s, she and several fellow Foundry members studied with Gene Davis, a key figure of the Washington Color School. This movement, which emphasized the formal possibilities of pure color, significantly influenced Davidov’s work. Using a technique of wet-on-wet acrylic on raw, unprimed canvas, her work evokes dappled landscapes, pushing and pulling the viewer in and out of their cosmic matter.

Foundry Studios was established in 1971 at the Duvall Foundry by Davidov, Denny Koch, Carolyn Alper, and Edie Hollyday, who had been sharing studio space. Joined by Lou Jones, Fran Chapman, Molly Bogounoff, Ginny Jannotta, Lala Schnee, Joan Caryl, and Barbara Kerne, Foundry Artists organized as a cooperative after the group attended the Corcoran-sponsored Conference “Women in the Visual Arts”. The conference encouraged women artists to gain an increased sense of self-respect and achieve greater recognition by pooling their energies and talents to promote their work. Heeding this advice, each of the artists amplified their individual voices through regular exhibitions at the Foundry and other galleries in the DC area. Davidov’s work and history highlights our ongoing responsibility to enlarge the narrative of women in the arts and, specifically, in Washington, DC.

Featured Artwork