The District

Mar 14 - Jun 20

Since its founding in 1970, Washington, DC, has existed at the heart of American politics and the American dream. Art Enables touches on DC’s vibrant history in “The District,” an exhibition featuring scenes of local DC hot spots, monuments, historical figures, and themes of politics and culture. Resident artists from Art Enables join artists from around the DC metro-area to showcase their reflections on the nation’s capital through painting, drawing, photography, and mixed media works.

Exhibiting artists include: Guglielmo Botter, Patricia Figliola, Michael Dax Iacovone, Maiya Lonesome, George Lorio, Corinne McAuley, Roshni Sandhlla, Carol Williams, Kimo Williams, Andrew Wohl, ,and Art Enables artists Jacqueline Coleman, Michael Haynes, Paul Lewis, Charles Meissner, and Shawn Payne.

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Featured Artwork