Announcing Saturday Gallery Hours!

Posted on: Sep 15

Art Enables is pleased to announce that beginning September 19, we will open our doors to the public every Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Keeping our greater community, staff and resident artists safe is our top priority. We thank all visitors in advance for maintaining universal precautions, which includes wearing a mask at all times, maintaining social distance, and staying home you have any COVID-19 symptoms. In compliance with DC guidelines, we will limit the total number of guests in the building at any one time. Public restrooms will not be available.

We look forward to welcoming guests into our space again and are excited to share our three current on-site exhibitions with the public:

Animalium: “Animalium”—Latin for animals— celebrates Art Enables’ resident artist’s love of all things finned, feathered, and furry. This animal-themed exhibition will delight visitors of all ages with whimsical artwork of the domestic friends you know and love as well as creatures of the exotic and endangered variety.

Home/Away from Home: Like many others, our resident artists found themselves suddenly shifting to remote work in 2020. They’ve been physically at home more than ever, while simultaneously further from the “home” – the comfort, stability, inspiration, and additional support – they typically find among their wider communities. The works included here reflect this shift and the larger experience of 2020 in multiple ways: familiar subjects of natural beauty share space with concerns around COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Refined works are shown alongside those with a rougher, more immediate feel. All works evidence a group of artists continuing to create during a time that has brought us both closer and further away from the things that previously shaped and centered our lives.

AMPLIFY: “AMPLIFY” presents a selection of works by painter Corinne Davidov (1933–2014), who was a DC-based artist and an original member of Foundry Studios. Her large-scale paintings capture powerful plays of color, texture, and motion, evoking the era of the Washington Color School, a vital chapter of the city’s artistic history.